Types Of Trekking Poles And Their Main Benefits

A long time ago, very few people used trekking poles to help them along the way. Today, almost all backpackers, trekkers, and hikers make use of trekking poles to improve their overall stability and to enjoy support on all types of terrain. It’s true that you have to carry these poles with you at all times, and that may be tricky, but the health benefits are quite significant, so most trekkers decide to use them in their adventures. This article is going to take a look into the main benefits of using these hiking aids.

The first and foremost benefit of using the best trekking poles are the stability enhancement they bring. You can maintain your stability on all types of terrain, thus avoiding injuries caused by tripping over or sliding. You can also use the poles to test the stability of various rocks you may want to step on. This can save you from the danger of losing your balance when you less expect it.

Hiking Energy

Hiking Energy

The other benefit is the better distribution of your energy usage, with a direct impact on your hiking endurance. Nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning here that poles don’t contribute to decreasing your overall energy expenditure, as your arms are going to do more work than usually. The gain comes from the fact that the energy is redistributed, thus enabling you to feel less tiredness while hiking.

These poles can also help reducing the force on your knees while backpacking. As backpackers have to carry all this additional weight on their shoulders, they have to cope with the additional strain it puts on their knees. Poles can take over a part of this load, thus making hiking easier on the knees. Furthermore, most modern poles are adjustable in length, thus enabling uses to choose the right setting that offers them the most benefits. The general rule is to shorten the poles when you go uphill and extend them when you go downhill. As walking downhill puts a lot of pressure on the knees, using a good pair of shock absorbing poles can protect you from irreversible damage. Some pole models feature internal springs, thus being even more effective when it comes to the absorption of shocks produced by the impact with the ground.

As you probably know already, once your knees get damaged, surgery is the only solution. This is why you need to protect your joints during intense activities such as running, trekking and hiking. Shock-absorbing poles can also protect your ankles and hips, this being one more reason to get yourself a pair before your next big hike.

Ultralight poles are the best solution for those who enjoy this aid but don’t want to swing a lot of weight. This type of poles is perfect for very long hikes, as they enable the user to feel less fatigue. Also, they are much easier to pack and to carry when not in use.

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Whatever the type, it seems that trekking poles have become a must-have for all trekkers who want to make the most out of their adventures.